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Frank Hauser

Favorite Activities
Going to the movies (duh!), video games, creating lists.

Guilty Pleasures
If it's pleasurable, why feel guilty? I think when people ask about "guilty pleasures" they mean, "What do you like to do/watch/eat/listen to that the general public would find...odd?"

Become super rich, vanquish my enemies. You know, the usual. I’d also like to learn the opening guitar for AC/DC’s Thunderstruck

Best Concert
Prince Musicology Tour

Favorite Books
The World According to Garp, The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Movies
The Incredibles, The Shawshank Redemption, The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather Part II, Finding Nemo are all movies that I will sit and watch through to the end if I come across them. But I like movies for so many reasons, it's difficult to pick just a few.

Foods I Crave
Shrimp, pizza...oh, and shrimp pizza!

Favorite TV Shows
This is tough. I like so many and for so many different reasons. Mad Men, Californication, Family Guy, The Simpsons, to name just a few. Moonlighting was a favorite when I was young. LOST was a fun puzzle. Game of Thrones is a recent favorite. Breaking Bad was great, but not something I would re-watch, whereas I could just throw The Office or 30 Rock on at any point and be happy watching something I've seen a million times. Weeds is good too. Some of the Netflix stuff is amazing. Daredevil was good, as was Jessica Jones. House of Cards is great, but I'm not sure how much longer it can go on before getting outrageous. Of course I'm missing a bunch. Yell at me on the Facebook page for the game. (Note to self: Create Facebook page for the game)

Sports Played
Tennis. I really miss playing. Arthritic knees suck. I'm a hundred years old.

If I was home more, I'd get a dog. I live alone and leaving a dog alone all day would be cruel. A cat would be fine if left alone so much. But one of the benefits of a dog over a cat would be that when I inevitably choke on a piece of shrimp pizza and die, I like to think a dog would whimper and make a little noise before beginning to eat my body. Hopefully the noise would alert neighbors and I wouldn't be violated too much. A cat would eat me in less than a day.

People I admire
My kids Olivia, Cole, Lily and Franky. Otherwise, I love the sheer breadth of Prince's talent. John Irving's humor in the face of disaster is unmatched. This will sound hokey, but I also admire anyone who holds on to their dreams. See, hokey.

Favorite Song to Sing Along To
I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family

Good First Date Idea
Murder a hobo. It really answers a lot of questions about the person without wasting a lot of time.

Christopher Bricklemyer

NAME: Chris Bricklemyer

ALIASES: Daddy-O, Brick

RACE: Human

HEIGHT: 6’5”


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral


CURRENT BASE OF OPERATION: North of Boston, between Innsmouth and Arkham


ACHIEVEMENTS: Quit smoking, played live music in and around Boston, winner of the Nova Bricklemyer “Expert at Movies” Father’s Day Award

SOME RANDOM FAVORITE THINGS: Star Wars, 70/80’s punk rock, Douglas Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Ghostbusters, Faith No More, a brand new sketchbook, Heretix, surf guitar, pomade, spring, Pepsi, H. P. Lovecraft, a really well prepared steak, Futurama, The Monster Squad, autumn, The Thing, sertraline, Return of the Living Dead, Spider-Man, The Dead Milkmen, Robocop, Arrested Development, Gigan, Ultraman, Gaiking, Bob’s Burgers, Drew Struzan, Five Guys, Wildwood, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Doctor Who, Max Headroom, bonsai trees, digital comics, John Oliver, Community, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Big Trouble in Little China, Black Belt Jones, astromechs, model kits, his wife, and his amazing daughters, Nova and Ripley

BACKSTORY: Chris has been reviewing movies, cult and mainstream, for over 8 years on a weekly basis for two different podcasts, Outside the Cinema and Are You Serious? He has an accumulated 25 plus years of movie theater employment (not to mention 7 more years of video store jobs as well.) He loves movies, loves being a projectionist in the best theater in New England, and loves talking and arguing about film. If anything is to blame for the creation of this game, clearly it is his ego