The Original Movie Game

You know more about movies than you think!

how to play

The Original Movie Game challenges your knowledge of movies and actors.

Part 1

Choose up to five cards from the deck. Pick one and and give clues to the other players.

If they guess the movie, they get the card and 10 points.

If not, hold onto the card, along with the others you've drawn. You'll need it for Part 2.

When you win a card from another player, keep it in a pile separate from the ones you've held onto.

Part 2

Combine the piles of cards you held on to and the ones won from other players.

Link the movies by the actors in them.

For example:

If you're holding Star Wars, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Town and The Avengers, you could have the following connections.

Star Wars starred Mark Hamill, who was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which also had Ben Affleck, who starred in the The Town, which also featured Jeremy Renner, who was in The Avengers.



Here's how the scoring works:

10 points for each card "won" in Part 1.

20 points for each card used in the actor/movie connections.

If you use more than five cards in one chain, you get a 50 point bonus.

Deduct 5 points for any cards not used in Part 2.

Tally them up and you have your winner.

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